34 North Launches Sacramento River Watershed Data Portal

34 North is announcing the launch of their new data platform for the Sacramento River Watershed Program (SRWP). The Sacramento River Watershed Data Platform, built on the OpenNRM enterprise platform, provides insight into key management issues pertinent to the watershed including forest health, salmon and steelhead habitat, and water quality. Users have quick and easy access to extensive watershed data and information including real-time sensor networks, monitoring data, maps, research, reports, images, and GIS. Users can organize data spatially, compile maps, and create projects to better visualize data collection results and answer questions about watershed conditions and health.

Covering 27,000 square miles from the Oregon border to the Delta, the Sacramento River Watershed covers most of northern California, linking every aspect of life in the region. As one of the largest watersheds in the United States, it is the lifeblood for hundreds of wildlife species, serves as an important source of drinking water and as a vital economic artery for commerce and agriculture.

To help successfully manage this dynamic and diverse system, 34 North undertook major data aggregation and software development to help inform stakeholders with accurate and timely information. 34 North’s team of scientists dug into the data to develop stories and dashboards to answer questions about areas of concern in the watershed. At the core of these data compilations are components within the portal that can be put together to tell a story.

The SRWP data portal provides efficient access to catalogs with thousands of Sacramento River Watershed related assets. Catalogs are categorized into the document library, projects, data catalog, GIS and/or resource wikis, any of which can be expanded or condensed. The GIS category includes an explore data feature to explore monitoring programs and key datasets from the region, and an interactive mapping tool to explore the SRW region spatially. Assets within these catalogs can be combined and saved to create data stories, map stories,dashboards, and many other types of visualizations.

About 34 North:

34 North has been a part of the effort to provide a solution for data sharing between entities to keep data as current and near real-time as possible to enable adaptive management actions. Near-real time data collected on the platform will inform decisions about the future of this region. Through the timely sharing of data, it will be possible to link and compare data collected in the different studies, avoid duplication of data, allow for near real-time data analysis and provide updates outside of the normal quarterly report format.